Your Brand Foundation in the time of COVID-19

March 31, 2020

Ironically, when disaster strikes brands, they react quickly without thinking about their purpose and values. With all that’s at risk in this worldwide crisis, one of the most useful tools is also one of the most overlooked: brand identity. Remember who you are, what you do, and what drives you. Your intrinsic differentiators will help you overcome the most difficult times and flourish once they are over. Here are a few quick tips:

Stay on your mission.

Be agile, yet firm. Whether there are new products, services, methods, or remote work, changing times call for changes. You have to be willing to adjust when necessary. However, your ultimate mission must remain the same. As you adapt to a new reality, never lose sight of what drives your team and your clients or customers.

Remember your vision.

When crisis ensues, we instantly think of how it immediately affects us and our businesses. There’s no question the immediate ramifications should be considered and are of your concern, but there’s much more to consider. Long term goals are often abandoned or forgotten when they should always be a focus. Construct new plans and goals if necessary. Think about if and how you can still achieve your vision.

Stick to your values.

The gravest of decisions must be made in the most tumultuous of times. Unfortunately, it is in these very times that our judgment is most compromised. Anxiety, fear, and personal gain plague decision-makers who more than ever need to act on their agreed-upon decision-making filters– their values. Let your values guide you.

Choose your story.

When everyone in the world is affected, everyone in the world responds. Over the last week, we’ve all read many stories from many news sources and businesses alike. In emotional times, your words are more likely to evoke emotion. What you choose to tell your clients and consumers can make a great difference. How you frame the story will determine how others see you. Reassure people, without undermining the situation. Offer the world the proper guidance, but stand out as you do so. Not only must you maintain people’s confidence in your capabilities, but you also must speak in a language that’s consistent with who you are and choose words people will both remember and share.

Live your brand.

Your actions define you– in times of crisis, each brand’s true face is revealed. Businesses must make difficult decisions including whether to continue services, go remote, lay off staff members, or create special offerings. Look to your brand foundation and use it as your blueprint to survive and thrive. Think out of the box to share a powerful story, continue your meaningful mission, achieve your brand’s vision.

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