Yad Vashem


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Fundraising is never easy, but when the philanthropic cause is headquartered thousands of miles away from its gala charity events, creating a shared connection and a call-to-action for the star-studded guest list is that much more of a challenge. American Society of Yad Vashem, the US fundraising arm for the renowned, Israel-based Holocaust Museum, requires more than just the standard suite of printed materials for their annual events in Los Angeles and New York City. These special occasions demand unique designs of Save the Date and invitation suites, RSVPs, dinner programs and journals, slideshows, and more that fully embrace the yearly theme and resonate deeply with invitees to increase both attendance at the event and the charitable giving that is vital to the sustenance of the organization.


Raise money, awareness, and excitement!
Ultimately—Raise the bar.

By focusing on alluring messaging and captivating visuals, Advantages consistently develops engaging and award-winning designs for Yad Vashem's events. These designs not only present a stylish and modern aesthetic, they more importantly highlight the impactful message that brings attendees to the event year after year and consistently facilitates generous donations. Attendance, as well as the monies raised, has broken all-time records since Advantages' involvement and the agency's contribution has specifically been cited by organizers as a primary reason for the event's continued success.

From the Client

"Our goal and the invitation that kicks it off is far from plain vanilla. We wouldn't trust our brand to anyone else other than Advantages." —Ron Meier, Executive Director

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