What It Means to Be a Purpose Hero in Business

What It Means to Be a Purpose Hero in Business

April 19, 2021

Every corporate CEO has many responsibilities, most of which are easily recognized and defined. One of those crucial responsibilities that often goes unnoticed or uncredited is – establishing the vision and setting the rhythm by which everyone in the company is marching toward the same mission.

This is a demanding task but one of the most crucial. It is not easy finding people who share the same values, making them believe in your vision, and organizing them to walk together. This is a lot like building a tribe. But not all tribes are the same. You want to reach the potential of the Five Level Tribe, and for that, you need to identify future tribe leaders from the inside – your Purpose Heros. As a CEO, those are the people you need to build coalitions with if you want to ensure your vision to take roots, turn laggards into believers and keep the spirit high.

How to identify those heroes in your organization? Look for these patterns:

Building a Tribe Is Essential

There is no ego in a Purpose Hero. They may be brilliant, have great ideas, make great things, and have many achievements, but they are always aware they can’t do it all. They can’t do it on their own, either. For change to take place, it takes a village. So they make sure to connect with like-minded people; to convert doubters with their own passion and conviction; to alter the undecided; to keep the believers close. They are building, in the words of Seth Godin, tribes. No matter the size, the power and importance of their tribe is immeasurable for the Purpose heroes.

Having a Strong Set of Values and a Clear Sense of Who They Are

A purpose-driven person knows who they are. They have well-defined values that they live by every day. Those values provide a blueprint, which naturally translates into the work they do; it makes them consistent and full of integrity. There’s no purposeful life without core values.

They Have a Challenger Mindset

Change is a constant in our world, but not everyone is driving it. Business purpose heroes drive change. They clearly see the gaps in how things are, in the status quo, and they want to challenge. The challenger mindset is one of the three crucial characteristics of the challenger brand. This mindset is exactly what you want to cultivate in your organization to make an impact, and Purpose Heros have it. Don’t overlook people in your company who are constantly talking about bold ideas and dreams, or working on an initiative that is not closely linked to their role, or passionately advocating for a cause. The belief component should be there, and even more importantly – the action needs to be there also.

They Blend Their Work and Life Together

Purpose Heroes instill what they believe in into what they do for a living. They want their beliefs to be a part of their work, and if they can’t find a job that supports their belief, they will create it. That’s why purpose-driven people often become entrepreneurs or visionaries within the company (and yes, you should cultivate employees with intrapreneurial tendencies in your company). They live for their work, and not only in the sense of modern-day hustle culture that became so popular but also because work is the cement that paves the way for the goal of the greater good. They blend work with their private life in a way that doesn’t feel tiresome or burdensome.

They Are Resilient Even When the Times Are Hard

This might be one of the most important characteristics of a Purpose Hero in business: their values and beliefs will stay the same even when it’s difficult. They won’t crack under the pressure and give up on what they believe is true or right. This makes them a true Purpose Hero. The consistency will help them prevail and reap the rewards when the tough times pass. This persistence of belief is not stubbornness or inability to pivot; Purpose Heroes know how to adapt without losing their core values.

Identifying true Purpose Heroes in your company will help each C-level executive deliver the message. Cultivating a team of these heroes is a crucial task that shouldn’t be overlooked. The easy-start is to begin the search. Start paying attention to how purpose flows within these individuals. Then bring them together to create a purpose-driven powerhouse.

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