What are your 3 keys to unlock purpose & profit?

May 25, 2020

Even when your brand thrives, it can be difficult to determine the reason why– which makes it difficult for anyone to ever achieve success. I dedicated my entire career to solving this puzzle, and I’ve found there’s a pattern almost every successful brand follows, whether they do so knowingly or not. They all master 3 key verbal elements of their brand foundation: Purpose, values, & story.

  • Your purpose is the inspiration that drives your organization to exist, you to work, and others to join you. It is the starting point for an organization, regardless of size. Purpose acts as an anchor that guides everyday decisions and action. You start your brand foundation with your purpose, and it empowers your audiences to act. If you share and live by your purposeful words, they will become magnets that attract all the right people and repel all the wrong ones.
  • Your values are the unchanging beliefs that guide your organization’s every decision. In this ever-changing world, values must be constant. They are the immovable objects in your life and your business. Values act as a moral compass to individuals, groups, and organizations alike.
  • Storytelling is a fundamental tool of human experience-sharing. Stories resonate with people more than facts about your products or services. Your story is the perfect opportunity to weave your other two keys together in a compelling manner and create emotional connections with audiences.

Every organization requires these keys at their center, to distinguish themselves. Done right, they provide the basis of everything you do in your business and are infused in every communication, process, and internal and external interaction. You cannot properly lead an organization, design its structure, execute sales and marketing, or hire the right people without a brand foundation. You might get lucky once or twice, but eventually, your luck will run out and the house of cards will collapse.

Now, more than ever, you need to be able to articulate what your company is all about and why you’re even in business. With your 3 keys strategically embedded into all aspects of your organization, you can enhance your brand’s communication, productivity, and overall revenue. So, uncover your brand foundation, infuse it into all you do, and drive purpose with profit.

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