Toddy Gear


Fresh ideas for a fresh market.

With the explosion of the digital touchscreen, tech entrepreneur Todd Gabel had a fresh and fun business idea. Those dirty, sexy screens needed to be cleaned. A lot. And boring grey cleaning rags or harmful sprays were the only options. Enter the Toddy Smart Cloth—offering an effective, fashion-forward cleaning cloth infused with loads of personality. But how was Todd going to reach this new market segment and get the Toddy noticed? How do you capitalize on a new-found need and offer people options they didn't even know they had?


From Start-up to Blow-up! Big brands take notice.

Toddy Gear was fully-branded and revenue generating in just six months from start-up, with a wide variety of unique Toddy designs selling on a full e-Commerce website. Advantages also developed an entirely separate B2B distribution channel for Toddy Gear, and brand leaders such as Apple, Virgin Airlines, and NBC signed on to create branded Toddys for giveaways. The endless possibilities for customization of the product ultimately sparked a new business development plan which would catapult Toddy Gear into the national and global spotlight.

From the Client

"From branding to design to production, Advantages became a critical member of our launch team." —Todd Gable, CEO

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