"The process and the moderators make the workshop amazing!"

"I think one of the primary clarity."

"Advantages has created the most unique process to get to the heart of your core values..."

"...That's going to impact businesses to allow them to scale even faster..."

"I'm super excited to share this work with the young people in my life."

"...Create clarity and gave me a sense of determination as to what I had to do next."

"Workshops like this are so important. I work with so many business owners..."

"I would absolutely recommend this workshop to my network."

"The value I got today was going back and being able to really align the message of our values to our team..."

"We have to understand our purpose..."


"When you understand what your Why is, you can be so much more effective at bringing success into your life."

"The Why Discovery Workshop is beneficial for anyone looking for more meaning in their life."

"...I'm going to apply that to my life in a myriad of ways."

"In order for me to learn and grow I really had to dig deep..."

"...The whole process is really about how to build yourself and extend yoursel through your business."

"I walked away with my Why, it was something that I did not expect..."

"...I thought I knew myself pretty well, but this workshop really crystallized it for me."

"The value I received today...was being able to actually articulate what makes me tick..."

"It helped people confront issues that they normally don't think about..."

"It was so enlightening and impactful to really dive deeper..."

"...Coming together with a group of other leaders and working together through our core values."

Join the discovery.