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Great competition. Greater goals.

Sports Systems has been committed to and skilled in making sports event planning and management easier for everyone involved for over three decades. However, while their full-suite data collection and management systems are constantly updated to remain effective and contemporary, their marketing efforts were not. Their website was wildly outdated, complicated to navigate, and poorly reflected their amazing, high-tech services. With rapidly increasing competition, Sports Systems set the ambitious goals of launching new services and raising revenue without a purposeful brand foundation or meaningful presence. As their deadline grew closer and competitors began actively approaching clientele, Sports Systems needed to rethink their branding strategy fast and share much more than just the excellent benefits of their services in order to reach their goals.


Purpose fuels profit.

Simplify Complexity. This new tagline was born from the heart of what Sports Systems' has always done for over thirty years. They simplify complex challenges to make life easier and create the best sporting event experiences. Advantages guided Sports Systems to complete clarity on their pre-existing purpose and helped them to share it with the world. Their authentic values, engaging mission, and impactful vision were brought to life through distinct words and alluring visuals. Sports Systems received a full package of stunning fresh designs—a new logo, complete brand guide, memorable printed collateral, engaging ads, and an innovative website—all of which accurately reflect what distinguishes them from their competitors: a history of pioneering, unparalleled dependability, and dedicated customization. Rebranded with purpose, Sports Systems is on track to become the leading service provider of VIP attendee data management at every sports event in the world.


From the Client

"Thank you for being great partners and for helping us discover our Why!" —Karen Shimp, Chief Customer Officer

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