Print advertising is a dinosaur.

That's how Seasons felt in looking at their presence in local newspapers. Week in, week out, the same ads blended into monotonous background noise without ever really getting noticed. Their recent Purpose Discovery had illuminated out their brand identity, now embodied in their new tagline "Shop With Family". But a Purpose is only as meaningful as how it is communicated to the consumer. A tagline is only valuable if it becomes synonymous with brand. Seasons knew they needed print advertising to get the word out, but how best to effectively deliver their message to the masses?


Moving beyond a catchy tagline.

"Shop With Family" created the context for a series of themed ads that stood out visually from the typical, mundane supermarket circulars. They engaged on an emotional level by focusing on the relationship between food, family, and the events that bring them together. Whatever your family's needs—catering, late-night shopping, refilling the pantry, or just a pleasant face to help you find what you need—Seasons' new print campaign demonstrated that the store's appeal was something to be felt and experienced. By educating consumers on their services and values first, Seasons was able to establish its role as a caring and valued extension of a customer's family—forging a lasting, essential bond with its clientele that transcended mere products and pricing.

Hermes Creative Award Winner

The Family Grows!


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From the Client

"Advantages helped us uncover the true essence of our brand and then communicated it with a single unified message in print and digital." —Mayer Gold, CEO

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