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1 out of 2 ain't bad; 2 into 1 ain't easy.

Merging two established, prestigious companies may seem as simple as picking a new name and designing a new logo, but the true challenge is much more daunting. For Investis, a global digital communications firm, acquiring the creative agency Zog Digital meant an expansion and enhancement of their range of services, but it required more than just a fresh coat of paint. The newly-formed Investis Digital demanded a complete transformation of their visual materials from the inside out, seamlessly integrating the core values and aesthetics of both companies into a clean, cohesive, indelible brand that could be carried over into all facets of company operations.


In a Crowded Field, Find the Open Space.

Distinction is something earned, but being distinct is really up to you. With the ever-growing multitude of companies inhabiting the digital marketing and communications space, Advantages immediately recognized the opportunity for Investis Digital to stand out from the pack. By employing a warm color palette, Advantages curated a unique color scheme specifically selected because it was regularly avoided by its major competitors. Through the use of a strong blue and a warm orange-Advantages created a fused "s" design in the word "Investis" — formed by combining two "c"s, reflecting the company's mission of "Connected Content"™. With this simple yet deeply meaningful design, Advantages beat three other competing design teams and made sure that this important merger of industry leaders would get noticed.


From the Client

"We presented the 3 final designs to the board asking them to vote and in a UNANIMOUS vote your design won again. Only confirmed that we made the right decision." —Don Scales, CEO

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