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Advantages is a New York-based creative agency that engages markets through branding, advertising, consulting, & digital experiences.

Everything we do to get others to engage with you starts with Why—the true essence of why your company does what it does. Then we collaborate to craft the strategy and stories that engage by making an emotional connection. When you connect emotionally, you earn trust. When you earn trust, people act; buy, donate, engage. What do you want people to do?
Why  Discovery
Your company's Why—the reason you do what you do-is the very essence of your brand and the foundation of every purposeful communication you create. The Advantages Why Discovery incorporates assessments, interviews and collaborative effort to uncover your Why.
  • Brand Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Content Strategy
  • Database Marketing
  • Measurement & Analytics
  • Media Planning
  • Research
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Sponsorship
  • Targeting
  • Advertisements
  • Brand Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Events
  • Presentations
  • Print
  • Social Media
  • Spoken Word
  • Video
  • Websites

"Raising the bar for raising funds."

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"Print advertising is a dinosaur."

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"Powerful in business. Powerful in purpose."

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"Sleek on the inside, dated on the outside."

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Advantages is proud to have created award-winning work for our many amazing clients.

By getting them noticed, we got noticed too.

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Our Shared Values

Our shared values are the uncompromisable roads on which we drive every project and every client to the pinnacle of success.

Our Why‐Focused Team

is a diverse family of talented, technical, and tenacious experts. They're the reason our clients consistently achieve success far beyond their own expectations. And they're the reason Advantages has been named one of the best places to work in NYC.


Ceo, strategista

Fran's Why

To get people noticed so that their true potential can be revealed.

About Fran

Fran is an expert at uncovering WHY people do what they do, aligning their team around that Why, and crafting purposeful messaging to create the momentum that takes businesses far beyond what they ever imagined. After losing her first husband and business partner to cancer in 2001, Fran assumed the leadership of Advantages and grew it from a local printing business to an elite Inc. 500 national marketing and branding agency.

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Air Traffic Controller


Why Activator


Why Activator


Why Activator


Marketing Lead


Art director


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Executive Sherpa


Visual designer


Visual designer


Visual designer


Front-end developer

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