How Coronavirus Impacts Your Marketing: Find Your New Way Forward

March 6, 2020

No matter where you are or what area of business you’re in, you’ve felt the effects of the global pandemic. It’s expected to cost the world 2.7 trillion dollars and we’re all left to wonder what this means for us. As businesses shut their doors, people fear the outdoors, the global economy plummets, and the world reacts– there’s one question on every marketer’s mind– What can we share with a world in crisis? 

Sales are suffering tremendously, costing agencies client work across the globe. Yet according to various reports, web traffic is up, especially in financial sites and news sites. With the world confined to their homes, people have nowhere to go but online. As we’re all eager to be informed, and the internet also allows us to stay productive and make purchases when it’s most difficult. How you communicate will make all the difference.

Emotionally connect in the digital world.

Of course, the digital space has become even more vital to marketers than ever before, since live events, conferences, and all face-to-face advertising options have virtually disappeared. However, what’s not evident to everyone is how we must emotionally connect with consumers online to breakthrough when so many are struck with financial hardship and everyone is distracted by the unprecedented state of the world. Now, more than ever, people crave genuine connection,  Remember that decisions are always built on emotions– and remember what drives you to your brand also drives others to it.

Plan for now and later.

When times change rapidly, we have to adapt our campaigns, not our brands. Stay true to your identity. Carefully decide what projects to adjust, and whenever possible, prepare for the future. Adjust the content you offer to be sensitive to the current situation and ready your brand for what’s to come. Since it’s impossible to tell when we will all return to our offices, it’s best to map out plans now while we can and always be prepared. Keep in mind that even once businesses open, the industry will likely not be the same for some time, nor will the public mindset, social distancing, and without question, the economy.

Show your support, beyond your service.

It’s not the time to share the myriad advantages of your products and services, but it’s the perfect time to share how you can help others. Your marketing is both a vital necessity and a delicate balance; put others first and you will be rewarded for it, while self-promotion will not be. Offer your support to clients and customers. Lean on your values. Be there for your partners. Even offer complimentary consultations if you can. Declare your intentions and plans in light of the current situation, and be sure they align with your brand.

Share authentic stories and valuable insights.

People at home crave entertainment and information. Share purpose-driven polls, images, and recordings or your video conferences to highlight your authentic culture and as a bonus, it will keep others entertained. Create informative content about the current situation of your industry or what your customers can do, but be sure it’s a matter that you’re an authority on.

Stay purpose-driven no matter what.

While the condition of the world should affect your marketing, it should not change your purpose. Your brand foundation should always be the underpinning of all your messaging. Given today’s struggling businesses and increased digital focus, our messages arguably matter more than ever, so be sure to get it right. As you plan your strategies, offer your support, and share your stories, never forget your purpose and the world will never forget you.

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