Five Ways To Enhance Your Corporate Culture

March 25, 2020

The market is changing. The larger the company, the more challenging it is to adapt. The benefits that once attracted top talent for ages are no longer enough. These days, a business requires a purposeful environment to captivate and retain the ideal employees. To keep your legacy alive, the hot topic of “culture” is more crucial than ever before.

Deloitte defines culture as “the values, beliefs, behaviors, artifacts, and reward systems that influence people’s behavior on a day-to-day basis.” A purposeful culture is pervasive; it touches everyone in your company from top to bottom and throughout. Research shows that a healthy culture is the top priority prospective employees search for in the workplace today.

Here’s how you can give it to them and continue to grow your business:

Infuse your values into your culture.

Ensure that your employees live out your corporate values. Uncover your purpose and values, and focus on them above all else. Hire for fit, not for skill. Who you bring into an environment will shape that environment. During the hiring process, identify how well a candidate’s passions and competencies align with the company’s beliefs and policies. Then, guide and shape every employee you hire to embody the corporate culture better. You must both hire and train your entire staff for principles, as well as practices, to lead your company to live your shared purpose and values.

Create a culture of a community.

Encourage employees to get to know one another and form meaningful relationships with each other. It is crucial to set aside time for play as well as work. Tear down the department divides to unite your staff and cultivate community. Organize enjoyable group outings and meals. Every workplace is different, so invest in social benefits that reflect your values and employees.

Establish times for such activities and boundaries to maintain the delicate balance between a serious workplace and an enjoyable work environment. Call in remote workers to involve them in the corporate culture as best you can. As a united community, your team members will work better together to serve your purpose.

Reward performance with culture.

Serving a greater corporate purpose should drive your employees to work hard every day. However, recognition and rewards can further motivate people to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. You may offer a bonus, gift card or paid day off, or some other exciting reinforcer for a job well done. Different employees appreciate different forms of recognition. Just be sure to implement incentives that align with your culture and connect to your unique staff.

Every team member should recognize they have an equal opportunity to receive rewards and promotions. Ethics aside, recognition should not be awarded based on race, gender or any factor than performance, for the benefit of the broader workplace environment. With rewarded performance and equal opportunity, you will set your culture up to drive your revenue.

Maintain a culture of flexibility.

A firm hand is not always in a leader’s best interests. The way that you interact with your employees affects more than the way your employees view you and go about their work. It also sets the tone for your entire workplace environment.

When you are flexible and understanding, employees will gain respect for you and be further motivated to do the best job they can. While you must recognize when a stronger stance is necessary, a tendency toward leniency is also crucial. This fact is especially true for first mistakes, minor errors or requests and during times when the workload is high, to avoid burnout and enhance culture.

As long as your team aligns with you on purpose and values, they are deserving of your understanding. Their newfound strength, motivation and appreciation of your flexibility will help fuel your culture, employee performance and overall profit.

Communicate a culture of communication.

For any of the above methods to effectively enhance your culture, clear communication is a requirement. To work as a united team to serve a common purpose, you must be able to share information with one another effectively. The information you’ll have to share encompasses company outings, policies, reward systems, and expands beyond such matters.

You must be able to understand one another as you collaborate on your mission. To infuse values throughout your culture, you must clearly articulate your values to your staff. Then, they must listen and clearly articulate those values to each other.

In an aligned culture, leaders and employees speak through both words and actions. They share, understand and live their values and purpose. While different cultures emphasize different strengths, communication is necessary for any culture to survive and flourish. When leaders and employees can effectively communicate, they can deliver purposeful messages throughout their business and outside of it. If you can share your values with each other, you can share your culture with the world, and effectively attract ideal customers and employees alike.

This article was first published on Forbes Agency Council, Feb 20, 2020.

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