French American Chamber of Commerce


Uplift a decrepit image, Illuminate a dynamic identity.

With over 100 years of experience forming key relationships and cultivating business around the world, the French American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) is one of the most dynamic contributors to the international business community. But New York City is a beast of its own, and they initially struggled to break the image of a governmental agency and rise above the fierce competition. Without a clearly defined purpose or impactful identity, their web presence reflected the organization's age more than any distinguished identity, and ultimately failed to do justice to the powerful force in business the FACC has become.


Powerful in business. Powerful in purpose.

Advantages helped the FACC to uncover and share the impactful purpose they always had—to nurture international relationships and propel individuals, companies, and their sectors to greater success. Given the proper guidance, the FACC realized that at its core, the organization empowers and has always empowered successful business relationships between members. With this clear meaningful foundation in mind, their digital persona was uplifted to highlight what separates the FACC from any other organization and their visual brand was inspired by a key element: that they are a colorful and modern mosaic of cultures, backgrounds, skills, and professions. Using the heritage of their long-standing logo as the inspiration and introducing a complimentary color palette, this beautiful mosaic visual was brought to life as the new focal point of their brand. This new visual brand identity—along with their purposeful mission, vision, and story—elevated their web presence immensely and finally reflected the same quality of the countless benefits they offer their members. The new FACC brand and website illuminates their identity as a powerful business organization in New York City, inspires current members to become further involved, and leads prospective members to join them in a prosperous future.


The Mosaic Grows!


Increase in new website visitors


Increase in overall website visits


Increase in content viewed per visit


Increase in time each visitor spends on website

From the Client

"Our project with Advantages spanned almost a year and encompassed rebranding, asset design, web design and integrations with a new CRM system. The Advantages team faced several challenges that were beyond their control and always rose to meet them with persistence and perseverance. Since launch, we have increased our traffic and engagement and there has been a noticeable shift in the perception of our organization as more modern, inclusive and an essential ally for doing business in NY." —Katelyn Heath, Senior Associate, Communications

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