Separating the Buzz From the Bizz

Driving Customer Action: Tips to Go From Buzz to New Biz

October 29, 2021

Marketing is essential to business growth. It is a lever that when pulled results in a steady stream of qualified and ready-to-buy leads. However, to get a target market to that point (where leads and sales stream in), a foundation must be built. The foundation must take into account who your audience is, where they connect with what your business offers, and what kind of messaging they engage with. The brand must be built to be compelling enough to enable the marketing efforts to DRIVE ACTION. 

Building a Foundation with your Brand (Building the Buzz)

For marketing to drive actions that will grow your business, you must start with building your brand. In order to do this, you must focus on the following three ideas.

  • Audience Insights

Strong brands can only become strong when they start with audience insights. It is important to understand what channels your audience uses, their demographics, their values, their pain points, their interests, their location, and whatever else helps you understand them and the best way to serve them. The connection between audience insights and your business’s core competencies lays the foundation for compelling messaging. 

  • A Big Idea (The Hook)

Message crafting can begin once you understand your audience. Messaging does not directly mean the copy that you plug into an ad, it is much bigger than that. This hook or idea will serve as the anchor for all of your marketing communications. This is an overarching concept that is tied directly to your audience insights, that is built to connect with them in an effective and consistent way. 

  • Connect the idea to the audience

Once you are set with your hook, it is time to begin formulating messaging, deciding on the channels, and pushing out to the right audience. This is where the magic begins to happen in building the actual buzz. With a strong brand foundation, you are able to increase awareness of your brand and awareness is an essential step before the ultimate goal can be accomplished… driving action. 

Driving Action with your Marketing (Building the Bizz)

Of all the different actions that marketing can drive, a purchase is the end goal. However, consumer behavior is not linear. Other non-sales actions can be incredibly meaningful. By nurturing and engaging your audience a future sale becomes a greater possibility.  

  • Engaging customers

There are countless ways for audiences to engage and for you to encourage that. Producing and sharing content can be a major way to grow authority and increase engagement. Some companies use social media such as Twitter or Tik Tok to engage. For more B2B companies, LinkedIn can be an excellent way to connect. The important intention is, however, you choose to engage is to get your audience familiar, interested, and considering what your company has to offer. 

  • Nurturing New Business Opportunities

This is the ultimate action that marketing drives. This action looks different in different industries but for example, in a B2B company, this means they have scheduled time to talk to someone about what a partnership would look like. This could also mean that someone who is ready to buy a product in the B2C space is looking through their online market and adding items to their cart. This step means that all of the steps before worked hard and nurtured the right audience to get here. 

To drive customer action you need to build from the buzz. But before you can even talk about new business growth, you must first take an honest look at how you (if you are) prioritize audience insights, develop a “big Idea”, and bring the idea to the audience in a meaningful way that can drive engagement and nurture potential customers. These are the basic steps that, at the end of that day, create effective and efficient marketing programs to engage customers and nurture opportunities that lead to sales growth.

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