Journey of the Lead: A Lead Cycle Infused with Purpose

Developing A Lead Cycle Infused With Purpose

October 6, 2022

You’re fed up with your non-existent lead flow and the low-quality leads that are barely trickling in. You’re uncertain who you’re interacting with, you’re asking a lot of discovery questions but not uncovering the right information, and you’re targeting leads that don’t seem that jazzed about your product. There’s too much information that isn’t tailored, and you’re just not getting the results you need. If this sounds like you, you could be falling victim to a broken lead cycle

You need a lead cycle funnel infused with purpose to help attract and repel the right leads for your funnel. It’s time to set aside your old way of doing things and break out a lead cycle that actually makes sense. 

To be successful, you need your 3 keys: Purpose, Values, and Story

Know your purpose

Purpose is the true North Star of your organization, so naturally, it’s also the North Star of the lead cycle funnel. It must strategically guide what goes into your funnel. It’s actionable first and has an impact second. 

To tease out your purpose and connect with your clients, it’s important to apply their insights to complement your 3 keys. You will also want to dive deep into who your target audience actually is and what they care about.

How do you contribute to others? What brings emotional connection into the picture? That’s your purpose. If your impact is that you want to encourage people to adopt from or donate to animal rescues, what are you doing about it? What’s your action that you’re dedicated to? 

Untangle your values

Your company’s shared values define your brand identity and drive. They fuel your purpose and give you an internal compass by which you conduct all your business practices, including lead generation. 

Here’s why they matter: Values shape whether a potential customer wants to do business with you. So if your prospect doesn’t like pets or has had a bad experience with a rescue, you’re going to miss that crucial emotional connection you’re looking for. Your values must align with the target customer’s values, or they won’t qualify as a lead. 

Tell your story

Storytelling is a big part of conveying who you are and where you’re going. People respond to stories, period. And it’s easier than you think to craft a compelling story that tells the background of your purpose and values. 

Telling your story implies you’re on a journey, following an uncharted path to fulfilling your quest of, in our example, helping animal rescues save lives. The right leads will be attracted to that, and the wrong leads will be repelled. That’s ultimately what you want. 

The life of the lead

In the life cycle of the lead, purpose comes first before you sell them anything. Putting purpose in front serves the dual function of making an emotional connection and filtering out the leads that aren’t connecting with you. 

This is what the typical lead life cycle – suspect, prospect, lead, and qualified lead – looks like:

  • Lead: Someone who’s converted on your website, interacted with you, or shown interest in what you have. 
  • Marketing qualified lead (MQL): A lead that your marketing team has decided has the potential to become an opportunity and a customer. 
  • Opportunity: Somebody involved in putting together a deal but hasn’t yet closed it. 
  • Customer: A former lead, MQL, SQL, or opportunity who’s closed the deal. Score!

If your lead strategy is broken, it’s probably because you’re spending far too much time on unqualified leads that just aren’t going to become MQLs or SQLs. It’s time to be more discerning with your leads.

You have to get rid of the wrong leads at the top of the funnel; that means nixing the ones that aren’t part of the tribe, that don’t believe in the same purpose and values, and that aren’t connected with your story. To know your purpose means having a clear way to filter out the wrong leads before investing in them.

When you’re running a lead cycle funnel with purpose, every lead is an SQL if done right. Unqualified leads barely make a blip on your radar. The leads that come in are already on your side; they know your purpose and identify with it.                                    

Flip the lead cycle funnel, make a megaphone

Retention is the new acquisition

You’re probably funneling your budget into the wrong end of the funnel, so flip it and make a megaphone. 

It’s indeed possible to grow your sales while lowering your budget. Dazzle your existing customers until they become your ambassadors. When they love something, they feel compelled to share it. You’ll soon see they’ll be recommending you to other qualified leads – people who they know are interested in what you have to offer. 

An active and engaged customer becomes your cheerleader, and the funnel becomes their megaphone as they sing your praises and tell others. 

The lead is here. Now what?

The good news: If you’re truly running a lead cycle funnel infused with purpose, your leads already care about and connect to your purpose. In other words, they’re much more sales-qualified.      

When purpose drives your lead cycle strategy, every lead is an SQL. The prospects are purposefully aligned with you. They’re more likely to have an emotional connection with you because they already think like you and prioritize like you. They have that sense of urgency and are ready to continue their journey with you. You’re not wasting time on unqualified leads.       

Now’s the time to throw out your broken lead cycle and begin focusing on what really matters to make that connection with clients.  Just flip your funnel and focus on those 3 keys: Purpose, Value, and Story.

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