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The Collaborative Advantage: Why Teams That Set Goals Together Succeed Together

May 12, 2023

Collaborative goal-setting: like a buddy system for achieving success, boosting motivation, accountability, and alignment all at once.

Key Takeaways:

  • Collaboratively revisit your annual goals to enhance their benefits.
  • The common barriers to collaborative goal-setting can be overcome when they are identified and addressed.
  • Some tools and techniques, such as brainstorming sessions and technology-based collaboration platforms, facilitate collaborative goal-setting.
  • Leaders facilitate collaborative goal-setting when they encourage participation, provide support, and create a conducive environment.
  • Collaborative goal-setting positively impacts team performance as it increases motivation, accountability, and alignment.


To achieve long-term success, you must ditch the “lone wolf” mentality and embrace collaboration. In today’s business world, collaborative teamwork is a fantastic way to identify and prioritize key objectives. You have the diverse perspectives and skill sets of your team members at your disposal, so leverage them to develop a cohesive plan of action.


That all sounds great, but before you high-five your colleagues and pop open the champagne, there are some common barriers to collaborative goal-setting you need to watch out for. Fortunately, there are some excellent tools and techniques available to facilitate collaboration.


To be a true collaboration champion, you must follow some best practices. Encourage active listening, provide constructive feedback, and celebrate milestones and achievements. And leaders, I’m looking at you – you play a critical role in the facilitation of collaborative goal-setting. Set the tone and culture, empower your team members, and recognize and reward collaborative efforts.


So, how do you revisit your annual goals collaboratively? Establish clear objectives, define roles and responsibilities, encourage active participation, assess progress, and make adjustments. Easy-peasy, right? Well, yes…and no. The steps may be clear, but to implement them will require alignment across your team.


At the end of the day, alignment sets you up for the best possible start when you embark on a journey toward another collaborative goal. It’s pretty difficult to find alignment on your own, but Advantages guides you to align your team with your goals –and your goals with your purpose. So gather your team, grab some snacks, and get ready to experiment with different ways to collaborate as you’ve never collaborated before.


Why collaborative goal-setting matters


When it comes to goal-setting, collaboration is the secret sauce to take your team to the next level. Here are just a few of the many benefits of collaborative goal-setting:


  • Increases engagement and commitment: When team members are involved in the goal-setting process, they’re more likely to feel invested in the outcome.


  • Fosters creativity and innovation: When they work collaboratively, team members leverage each other’s strengths and perspectives to develop innovative solutions to problems.


  • Encourages diverse perspectives: When teams work together, they develop more well-rounded and comprehensive goals that consider different viewpoints.


Get to know your own marketing strategy


To facilitate collaborative goal-setting, you must have the right tools and techniques at your disposal. When you work with Advantages, that means the Catalyst Conversation is front and center. This valuable tool enables you to find and address the key hurdles that impede your growth, delving into audience insights, such as their preferences, needs, and how you can win their loyalty and affection. From there, we’ll work together to set collaborative goals with your team based on those insights.


In the Catalyst Conversation, we’ll walk through a number of exercises together performed in a collaborative way. Those include:


Follow the core

Also known as “Grow from the Core,” this exercise explores how driving growth from a strong core is easier than from extensions or innovations. Together, we’ll assess your offerings and evaluate where each one stands in terms of revenue, profit, and reputation.


Identify the growth space

Growth can come from a variety of places – sometimes from existing customers, other times from new ones. We’ll analyze whether current offerings will make the cut or if innovation is required to achieve growth.


Draft the ideal buyer persona

Marketing cannot win if we don’t have a clear picture of our buyer. We go beyond their work or educational background and explore their motivations, fears, and what makes them tick. We empathize with buyers, we better understand their needs.


Articulate the marketing job to be done

Get ready for the exciting part! Together, we’ll build out a single line that encapsulates the WHO, WHAT, and HOW of successful marketing, which gives us a clear picture of what we aim to achieve.


Map the buyer journey

Marketing plays a critical role in the buyer journey. When we understand the existing journey from a stranger to a customer, we identify the actions we need to take to drive engagement and build lasting relationships.


How to cultivate collaboration in your team


Through the catalyst conversation, you will walk away with clear business objectives and identified goals aligned with your purpose. From here, your next step as a leader is to ensure your team remains focused, engaged, and motivated:


“As a leader, your energy always impacts the room. Being attuned to members of your team and acknowledging them and their concerns creates respect, which leads to more dynamic collaboration. Keeping your purpose clear becomes a self-guiding system throughout the organization and keeps everyone on track to achieve the mission.” 


This quote exemplifies and summarizes the purpose of this article – in collaborative goal-setting, it’s crucial that you take your role as a leader seriously. You set the tone and culture for the team, and it’s up to you to empower them to take ownership of their work.


But goal-setting is only half the battle. You must also ensure your team stays engaged and motivated throughout the process. Here are some tips to keep everyone on track:


  • Encourage active listening: Active listening is vital to effective communication. Encourage your team members to listen to each other’s ideas and perspectives without interruption or dismissal of their contributions. When your team shows respect for each other’s opinions, they build trust and foster a sense of collaboration.


  • Provide constructive feedback: Feedback is essential for growth and improvement, but it must be delivered in a constructive, supportive way. Be specific about what works well and what needs improvement, and offer suggestions for how to make things better. Remember, criticism without guidance is merely a complaint.


  • Celebrate milestones and achievements: Don’t forget to celebrate your team’s accomplishments along the way. Set up a system to recognize and reward milestones, whether a small victory or a big win. When you celebrate together, you build camaraderie and keep your team motivated to achieve even more.


  • Set the tone and culture. Leaders must show that they value collaboration through active promotion and demonstration. Encourage open communication, be approachable, and listen to your team’s feedback. This creates an environment of trust and encourages team members to share their ideas and insights freely.


  • Empower your team members. Give them the space and resources they need to be successful, and then get out of their way. Allow them to take ownership of their work and trust them to make important decisions. When you empower team members, you create a sense of ownership and pride in their work, which leads to better results.


  • Recognize and reward collaborative efforts. When your team works together toward a common goal, it’s important to recognize their hard work and celebrate their achievements. This could be something as simple as a shout-out in a team meeting or something more substantial, like bonuses or promotions.


Get the benefits of collaborative goal-setting


When you include team members in the goal-setting process, you leverage the diversity of skills and perspectives to develop a cohesive action plan. Remember, collaboration is not just a buzzword – it’s a critical ingredient for success in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. Don’t be afraid to embrace collaboration and empower your team to work together to achieve your goals.


When you align your team with your purpose, collaboration is inevitable. The Advantages process guides you and your team toward collaborative goal-setting. Through our Catalyst Conversations, we ask the tough questions to inspire and achieve alignment.


Talk to us about how we will work with you to align your team with purpose – and profit.

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