Cesar Quintero


What's the Big Idea?

Selling products are typically a lot easier than selling ideas. But when you are a renowned entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business coach like Cesar Quintero, your toolkit of proven approaches and methodologies are your product, and your ability to illustrate their effectiveness is key to diversifying your clientele. Reputation and word-of-mouth only go so far. The proper visual "story" that conveys the essence of the services being offered is necessary to connect concepts with application and execution.


A Movement of Ideas Needs Ideas in Motion.

In this digital age, having a website is necessary for growth. As a man known specifically for his magnetism and charisma, Cesar required a website that reflected that same fiery spirit and infectious energy. By building a dynamic experience that emphasized an energetic color choice and relied on perpetual motion to introduce text and image elements, the medium became a mirror of the man. In the same way that he sparks action and spreads passion in his existing clients, this new, award-winning website now attracts and instills confidence in prospective clients, hoping that they too will become yet another in his long line of success stories.


From the Client

"I loved working with Advantages because they were able to design my website in time and under budget with almost no comments on the first draft! I've never seen a company put so much work and effort in understanding me and what I needed to get it right." —Cesar Quintero, Professional EOS Implementer, Owner of The Profit Recipe

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