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Analyze risk. Personalize

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You can’t celebrate without a brand to commemorate.

After two decades in business, Talson Solutions’ list of accomplishments had grown, but their messaging hadn’t kept pace with their success. With its 20th anniversary nearing, the construction auditing and project management firm didn’t need just a celebration—it needed a rebrand. Talson’s brand needed to align with its growing range of services and its reputation for excellence in client relations.

The Advantages 3 Keys Brand Discovery process uncovered the foundation for the new brand: Talson Solutions analyzes risks and personalizes solutions on every project. This insight sits at the core of Talson’s unique brand purpose, values, and story.

Receive 20 stories. Relive 20 years.

With their 3 Keys at heart, we launched a celebratory digital magazine featuring 20 compelling case stories, one for each of the years Talson has been in business. The publication entitled Our Journey Through Stories brought life to the subject matter through showcasing client partnerships that embodied Talson’s brand.

The anniversary campaign was designed to connect with Talson’s existing and prospective clients through eye-catching visuals and empathetic storytelling via email, social media, and advertising. The campaigns generated results that surpassed industry benchmarks.

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From the client

Talson Solutions LLC celebrated its 20th year in business in 2021. We brought in Advantages to find a creative way to tap into that celebration and take the Talson Solutions brand experience to a new level. Starting with the initial Discovery, Advantages became fully engrossed in who Talson is and what Talson offers. Their focus on Talson’s true purpose identified a way to honor the two decades of our work via a commemorative magazine, email, and social media campaign. Advantages worked hand in hand with the Talson team to craft stories that connected with the reasons we got into business and highlighted the success we’ve had with our clients and partners across our different business lines and industries. The campaign of 20 stories for 20 years has helped us connect authentically with our clients and set the stage to provide prospective clients a greater view of Talson. The stories, the email nurture campaign, and ultimately the complete “Our Journey Through Stories” magazine has been a team effort that really celebrates all things Talson—our purpose and our vision, as well as all the partners that got us where we are today.

Robert S. Bright. President

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