Retail is local.
Community is key.


Retail is local.
Community is key.

4 new stores in new DMAs
2x doubled revenue from $50 million
to $100 million in 2 years

Shop with family

Seasons is an established, community grocery store with a loyal customer base. As a retail grocer they competed in a crowded space and couldn’t afford to get into a race to the bottom with price. The company knew their customers loved them—but Seasons wasn’t doing a great job reflecting what made them special in their marketing. Their desire to grow into new markets was going to be hampered if they didn’t figure that out.

Staff Playbook Aligned with 3 Keys
Employee Uniforms
External Marketing and Signage

Family-first values

Seasons became known as the “Shop with Family” brand. The store, the people, and the team evolved into a place where everyone could feel like part of the family when they’re there, so much so that there is something for everyone—not just the primary shopper. The new brand identity revealed was a direct reflection of the associated core values and purpose that were uncovered through the Advantages 3 Keys Discovery Process. Internally, Seasons shifted from a sales-driven culture to a family-first, community-oriented company where customers knew that they were the priority.

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Alignment = Growth

As the new brand and culture was unlocked throughout the company, the growth came fast and furious. The family-focused brand shift led to substantial success with the company growing their loyal customer base, opening 4 new stores in new DMAs, and doubling revenue from $50 million to $100 million in 2 years. Employee turnover slowed dramatically and expenses related to that turnover dropped significantly as the company became both a desired place to work—and shop—for everyone! Supplier relationships blossomed as the connection to family resonated with their vendors, resulting in even more value for “friends and family.”

Weekly Printed Ads
In-store Marketing and Signage

3 Keys to success

To get to this success, Advantages delivered a complete 3 Keys Discovery that identified Seasons’ unique set of shared values, purpose, and the story that drove unity and alignment to connect the inside and out. The brand assets interpreted everything needed to build an emotional connection to the market. From there, new branding emerged including the tagline—“Shop with Family”—as well as print and digital advertising, in-store displays, and iconography for use throughout the store. Colors, photography, and design were all chosen and crafted to fully reflect and infuse every aspect of their marketing with their 3 Keys: purpose, values and story.

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Brand Extension

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