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Make the ordinary extraordinary

Starboard Yacht Group

Make the ordinary extraordinary

4x ROI on total marketing
spend within 1 year
4x click-through rate
50% increase in
email-open rate
$1. 9M in new business
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Anchor a brand gone adrift

Advantages was tasked to elevate Starboard Yacht Group’s brand so that it could emotionally connect with potential buyers. Through our 3 Keys Discovery, Advantages uncovered an opportunity to shift the brand focus from Starboard Yacht’s complex services to customers’ extraordinary experiences at sea. Using aspirational and analytical cues, we developed a fresh brand narrative, user experience, and customer journey that make yacht upgrades and maintenance feel like smart, worthwhile investments.

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Drive results beyond the horizon

Starboard needed a jigsaw puzzle of tools that would thoughtfully integrate across all channels. Working together, we imagined and executed a brand strategy and full-funnel digital activation. Starting with Starboard’s brand positioning and manifesto, we hit the market with a splash. We launched the website, with a bottle of champagne across the bow and set sail with search intent marketing and direct email campaigns that took the market by storm.

The “Experience Extraordinary” campaign swept 3 categories in the 2021 Communicator Awards for showcasing excellence in interactive user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and copywriting. It also picked up a Marcom award in the B2C category as well as 2 Davey awards in the Transportation and Best Visual Appeal/Aesthetic categories.

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From the client

When we hired Advantages, our primary goal was to reposition Starboard Yacht in a way that would build an aspirational brand that helps generate sales for higher-value services. We wanted to upscale our image to emulate the luxury that yachting offers and the high-end clientele it attracts. With Advantages’ help, we have retooled our website with a focus on our new message—Experience Extraordinary. We have seen a significant increase in some of our metrics, such as email opens, click-through rates, and time on our site. But more importantly, those metrics are leading to an increase in conversions to hard-dollar sales. Our pipeline has seen a seven-figure increase tied to both email and web inquiries as well as referral sales from yacht brokers. We’re pleased with how the process of up tiering our brand has led to an increase in new sales.

Jake Stratmann, President

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