Eventus Advisory

From complexity to brand equity

Eventus Advisory

From complexity to brand equity

22% increase in brand equity1
60% increase in web visitors2
77% increase in engagement3
40% increase in session duration4

When simplicity is the key to clarity

Clarity was the number one objective for Eventus Advisory Group, a provider of outsourced finance and accounting functions to small and mid-sized companies. Due to their complex offerings, branding often fails to differentiate professional service firms. Communicating too much creates generic messaging; too little does not establish expertise. The key to creating impactful branding is the balance of simplicity and relevance.

Advantages’ 3 Keys approach articulated Eventus’ brand foundation through stakeholder interviews, core values, and competitor research. The process revealed a modular brand concept that played on Eventus’ “abilities” as a firm—capability, adaptability, accountability, and dependability. Coupled with the depth of its solutions and a focus on outcomes, one message rang clear: Eventus has the “abilities” to help you grow, adapt, or fix your business.

The new brand foundation was reflected in Eventus’ website by bringing both the brand communication and subject matter authority to life. We developed a holistic UI/ UX strategy to ensure that we were leading audiences through the right narrative.

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Improved brand equity

The new brand foundation executed through the website led to a 22% increase in brand equity measured through a composite score of clarity, relevance, and differentiation among Eventus’ key stakeholders (clients, influencers) vs. their previous site.

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Improved web performance

A focused demand generation effort drove more visitors to the Eventus site with increased engagement:

60% growth in website traffic

77% increase in depth of content engagement

40% more time spent on the site

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From the client

As a professional services firm, it is very difficult to differentiate yourself with branding. Business is usually gained through referrals after consistently proving yourselves to clients. People know you by your reputation, but translating that into media was a mystery for us. Was marketing even worth the time, effort, and resources versus doubling down on building organic relationships? These were the questions and problem statements we came to Advantages with.

I can confidently say they’ve been a significant help to us. They led our brand refresh—designed to showcase our own voice and how it is different from others in the market. The newly re-launched website they constructed even increased our brand equity by 22%. Of course, this is just a starting point. We are now working with Advantages to find ways to convert our brand equity into sales conversations and build a data-driven approach to our marketing plans.

Aaron Spool, Managing Director

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1 Composite score across Clarity, Relevance, and Differentiation

2 Increase in visitors to the Eventus website as a result of Paid Media efforts

3 Increase in people that stay on the Eventus website past the initial Landing Page

4 Visitors are staying on the website longer