DPV Transportation

Drive different.
Move forward.

DPV Transportation

Drive different.
Move forward.

400+ participants in LinkedIn industry insights research
4x increase in response rates vs. industry standards for cold outreach
6x increase in LinkedIn monthly follower growth

Moving forward into a brave new world

COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way the world looked at transportation. DPV, a leader in managed transportation solutions, turned to Advantages to help increase visibility and relevance as COVID-19 altered customers’ behavior.

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Even when your customers aren’t buying, your business needs to be on their radar. Seeing the connection between brand awareness, relevance and the importance of content marketing to keep customers engaged, Advantages utilized LinkedIn to conduct an online survey and research project. Focusing on targeted LinkedIn members segmented by industry and title, the survey collected data about the preferences and needs of customers of managed transportation services. With response rates over 4X the industry standard, the survey became the basis for a B2B whitepaper and content campaign on the newly designed DPV website. Staying top of mind, even when a purchase decision is not immediate, pays dividends in the long run.

The DPV website work garnered a Hermes Gold award and Platinum Award from Muse in the Transportation category.


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