Marketing ROI by design.


Marketing ROI by design.

Marketing ROI begins with marketing strategy

In the rush for marketing ROI, organizations may miss critical steps needed to set up their marketing programs for success. Accomplishing the desired objective requires making conscious decisions on where and how to start.

  • Conscious alignment of strategy with tactics for a specific business objective
  • Outcome oriented measurable milestones to move the business forward
  • Adaptive frameworks that enable continuous improvement and data-derived optimization

The challenge of the MSP market

Regional, Miami-based managed service provider 4IT was spending substantially on marketing. From content creation to back-links and SEO tactics, the firm was very active. However, they struggled in their quest to differentiate their proposition and generate qualified new business opportunities. They turned to Advantages to help identify the root cause of this challenge. Advantages delivered a full assessment and review of their current marketing efforts and proposed a solution to get back on the path to marketing ROI. This included in depth audit and benchmarking of:

  • Industry and analyst reports
  • Key competitors’ positioning and content
  • Performance data across web analytics, organic keyword rankings and e-mail marketing
  • Diagnostic stakeholder interviews
  • Brand messaging and content quality
Table of Contents
Marketing Strategy
Content Strategy
Reactive Action Plan

Build relationships, not links

Advantages’ strategic review highlighted a significant opportunity for improvement—4IT’s current content program didn’t align with their stated strategic business objectives. IT vendor changes can often be reactive decisions triggered when mistakes are made by the current service provider, but waiting for mistakes doesn’t drive consistent growth. Higher value, business-outcome driven client conversions need a proactive cultivation of relationships. A proactive and reactive content strategy was required to build connections and convert new clients based on two vastly different buyer profiles. Advantages set out to align the context of IT purchasing nuances with three distinct content pillars and utilize relationship-focused channels to meet their three target business goals: avoid commoditized business, capture reactive business when possible, and upsell the value of their service-driven MSP model.

In eight weeks, Advantages delivered a strategic roadmap to guide 4IT to identify, nurture and create meaningful new business relationships, over a 9-month period. From content frameworks to SEO driven market segmentation, the program was designed with focus of delivering ROI based on a set of measurable milestones and KPIs to help keep 4IT on track.

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9-Month Plan to ROI

From the client

From the initial interviews and interactions around business goals and competitive landscape, Advantages looked for ways to tap into our leadership’s knowledge and then translate that into a marketing strategy that really aligned with who 4it is and what we stand for.

Alexander Freund, Co-founder, President and CIO

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