Alef Education


Getting Lost in Translation.

Establishing a foreign brand in a new country and in a new language is a challenge for any company pursuing global expansion. However, for the UAE-based Alef Education, launching their pilot program in the United States in partnership with NextGen Education and the Harlem Children's Center in New York City demanded conception, design, and execution in a mere four weeks. How could Advantages quickly and efficiently synthesize the elements that had brought the company great success in their home country with media and messaging that would resonate with their new American partners as well as the teachers, parents, and students who would be participating in the program?


Colors Speak All Languages.

Vivid imagery paired with direct, concise, and empowering calls to action greeted guests as they moved through the multi-stage environment that was both informative and motivational. Borrowed from the flag of the UAE, the bold palette of red, green, black, and white designs provided unity and universality for an eye-catching campaign. Inspiring signage and attractive merchandise reflected Alef's roots while appealing to the sensibilities of their new audience. The launch event was thus transformed from merely a passive exhibition of Alef's past accomplishments into a more robust, compelling experience of what these three companies were promising to achieve and deliver by working together.

From the Client

"You guys really rocked it. With such short timelines and huge expectations you were so agile, professional, and accommodating and I sure hope we work together again. Most of all you were super creative!" —Jumana Salem, Head of Business Development

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