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Your Why is what drives you. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What excites you to your core? What you do and how you do it are important. But not nearly as important as Why you do it. We place your Why at the center of your brand to create messaging that attracts loyal and aligned customers and employees.



The Advantages Why Discovery is a multidisciplinary process that reveals the essence and fundamental values of your business. Once your Why is uncovered, we will craft an authentic brand and build the language necessary to establish your identity and create absolute alignment between your internal and external messaging.

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Advantages' full production department ensures that the most difficult and unique projects are completed on time, within budget and in full alignment with your Brand's Why.

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Our Outsourced Marketing Team is one of our most popular offerings. And it's easy to see why. Why create a full time position with benefits, retention and compliance headaches when you can hire the Advantages team as your OMT for a lot less? In addition to our full design and creative teams, our decades of print and production experience, and our network of vendor relationships, our OMT package includes a dedicated account representative to serve your needs, develop new ideas, and drive initiatives that will keep getting you noticed again and again.

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See how advantages got started

Follow us through our journey


Feb 1992

"DJB", as it was then known, opens its barn doors as a supplier of small printed items, supplies and office furniture all packed into a van and delivered to local stationery stores.


Oct 1992

As office superstores were sweeping the nation, Fran & David knew they needed to adapt their strategy. Let Office Depot sell chairs. Let the people who needed paper go to Staples. Companies who wanted top quality design & printing coupled with the personalized service of a family-owned business? Those were the customers for a newly-renamed enterprise…and so Advantages was born.



Denise is the first full-time employee hired by Advantages
as the production/office manager.

Then again, when it's only a three-person staff, there's
nothing that isn't your job.



"If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes-then learn how to do it later!"

Nope, not Fran's quote. It's Richard Branson. A man who knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship. With no one to tell her otherwise, Fran immerses herself in the world of digital printing and in the process, revolutionizes the non-profit Banquet Journal industry, establishes the new gold standard, and earns herself the moniker: Printing Princess.



New Office . New Opportunities



"I never dated any clients, but I married one!"



The explosive growth of Advantages leads to a re-examination of its core values, strategies and purpose. With help from mentors Simon Sinek and Christina Harbridge, the Printing Princess became a Strategista Extraordinaire, newly focused on helping clients define their goals, maximize their potential, and



First Global Client



Fran graduates from the MIT's Birthing of Giants Program with her first Entrepreneurial Masters.



Advantages virtually goes global with employees in



First Fortune 100 Company Client



Fran graduates from Goldman Sachs "10,000 Small
Business" Program



Advantages wins more than two dozen awards - including 5 different creative awards for the Emerging Media website - and is named to the Inc. 5000 List of America's fastest growing companies