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talented, diverse and fierce

Our culture of caring, creativity and cultivation of individuality combined with an amazing team is the reason that advantages has been named one of the best places to work in NYC.



CEO & purpose driven strategista


Make a mark. Rise above. Get noticed. Ask an executive what Fran Biderman Gross has done for their organization and this is what you’ll hear.

Known by her clients as “The Strategista,” Fran has synthesized more than 20 years of marketing expertise into inspiring, actionable steps that every organization can quickly implement to help their individual departments, and their organizations, to get noticed.

As its founder, Fran has taken Advantages from a local printing business in New York City to a multi-million dollar powerhouse branding and communications agency with national clients from the service, retail, manufacturing and not-for-profit sectors. By telling authentic stories through purposeful marketing, she teaches brands how to leverage their organizational assets and amplify their reach.

Fran is now dedicated to sharing her intimate journey of brand discovery which unlocked her potential and resulted in her personal success. Fran has a unique twist on the Golden Circle and concepts from Start With Why as she was one of Simon Sinek’s first WHY Discoveries in 2006. She shares what she’s learned in the hopes that it will inspire others to explore their core values, their mission, vision and the personal “WHY” that propels them as leaders to excel every day.

Fran is a graduate of the MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program, Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses and was active in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, recognizing the finest college entrepreneurs from around the world. She is also a longtime member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) where she spearheaded the launch of EO’s “Accelerator” program, providing promising entrepreneurs with the tools, education and mentoring needed to grow their small businesses past the $1M revenue mark

Fran has lectured on marketing at New York University, and is a guest speaker at industry conferences and tradeshows. Through it all, she remains a devoted wife and mother to her 3 children ranging in age from 26 to 7 years old and her husband Yeeshai Gross, a Tony Award winner and Emmy-nominated theatre and film producer – and former client!

Christel Fearon

Christel Fearon

education activator



To always choose to see opportunities so that I urge others to mold their own future.


Connectedness, Input, Activator, Maximizer, Woo


Christel, a true American Swede, combines her eye for European design with structured creative planning to create a unique combination of “Smart Design”. She believes it’s not just about creating a beautiful design but also seeing the beauty within to make sure the creation has depth, meaning and an interesting story.

"I’ve worked my way up from a junior designer to an experienced designer to an art director to the lead of my own department. I love working at a place where I can create my own path of growth. I've been able to travel, volunteer, and move and still I'm welcomed with open arms here. It's not as much work as it is a part of my life."—Christel

angelica rozon

angelica rozon

production coordinator | air traffic controller



To motivate people with truth, so that they can make a decision.


Deliberative, Significance, Command, Achiever, Strategic


Angelica’s obsession with detail and passion for printing make her the perfect “air traffic controller” for advantages. With nearly a decade of experience, she remains calm in the eye of the storm and decisively addresses lightning strikes as they occur. As a busy mom of a toddler, life wouldn’t be the same for Angelica if she didn’t have the 4 B’s: Bacon, Beer, Baseball and Burgers!

"Fran and the team are my second family! We truly care for one another and want to see each other grow in ways we never thought possible for ourselves."—Angelica

Ruthie Sommer

Ruthie Sommer

production assistant



To be a constant support so that others can advance


Learner, Harmony, Discipline, Responsibility, Intellection


Ruthie enjoys being involved with her kids’ lives and their schools as well as other volunteer work. Reading of all kinds, even school assignments, is a passion. She loves being able to use her organizational skills at Advantages to help streamline the work-flow and process jobs quickly and accurately.

"I love our Advantages family! Over the many years I’ve been here, it’s always a great team to work with, both professionally and personally!"—Ruthie

rachel mchugh

rachel mchugh

creative conceptual lead



To re-imagine complex ideas in simpler ways, allowing people to gain a different perspective.


Positivity, Developer, Empathy, Arranger, Maximizer


Rachel is a fine-hand illustrator, designer, and huge advocate of doodling on her notebook instead of, well, actually taking notes. We allow it though since some of those doodles turn into amazing custom illustrations for our clients. Whether it’s music, performance, or fine art, her interests lie in everything that is creative. She’s a girl that’s always down to get crafty.

"It’s great to work with people you call family. I love the encouraging environment and always have something to learn here."—Rachel

Rena ray

Rena ray

graphic designer



Rena’s official title is “graphic designer” but other unofficial titles include “the voice of reason,” and “bad joke maker”. Rena keeps her design simple and uncluttered, just like her workspace and she enjoys the wide variety of projects that come her way at Advantages.

Rosa D'Elia

rosa d'elia

analytical web and graphic designer



To encourage a feeling of togetherness so that everyone feels at ease


Rosa is a passionate designer who has been a creative nut since her teens. She draws on her many talents and eclectic experiences, from quirky postcards and cartoonish stickers to elegant, handmade invitations, to create designs that capture our client's Purpose and their customer's attention. Rosa's obsessions include music trivia, Super Mario video games, purchasing too many pens, and food! When not at Advantages, Rosa can usually be found with the members of her extensive Italian family, eating.



creative graphic designer

Adina’s Why

To use my strengths and talents so that I help others overcome problems, and find self-fulfillment.

Adina’s Strengths

Empathy, Belief, Developer, Woo, Communication


Adina is a young graphic designer that is already being noticed for her artistic flair and eye for detail. Her creative, out of the box thinking produces designs that get Advantages' clients noticed in previously unimagined ways. Adina enjoys party planning and interior decorating, and can usually be found doodling on just about any piece of paper she can get her hands on.

"When you have so much fun that you forget you're at work."—Adina



chief of Fran

Brenda’s Why

To act with support and bravery so that others are encouraged to stand up to and overcome their obstacles.

Brenda’s Strengths

Positivity, Includer, Developer, Empathy, Achiever


Brenda makes sure that every detail at Advantages is taken care of so that the entire team can focus on getting our amazing clients noticed. She's a problem solver by nature and doesn't like to put band-aids on things. Rather, she finds lasting and practical solutions. There's nothing in the world she enjoys more than spending time with her family.


kayla lloyd

strategic communicator



To help sort through the clutter on people’s path, so that they are empowered to take the right steps on their journey


With an eye for detail, Kayla sorts through clutter and distraction to find the best solution in any situation, and she absolutely loves turning strangers into friends. These complementary traits combine to create the perfect Strategic Communicator for Advantages—crafting clear, Purposeful messages that turn prospects into customers and customers into brand evangelists.

Gabriela Rivadeneira

Gabriela Rivadeneira

creative designer

Gabriela’s Why

To exploit my creative and organizational skills, so that they can be useful to assist others to accomplish their needs.


Gabriela is a creative designer at Advantages who is an avid reader (especially of creative, art and design books) and amateur photographer. She combines inspiration garnered from her reading, photography and life experiences with her creativity and attention to detail to create emotional connections that get noticed.

"Working at Advantages is like listening to your favorite song every day! You like the rhythm, you know the lyrics and sing it in all the possible ways you can. You know the song is so good that there are other people who also enjoy listening to that song with you, and even though you listen it every day, you’re not tired of it because you just love it." —Gabriela